Live in Uppsala, Stockholm or anywhere else for that matter?

Stockholm's best IVF clinic is located in Uppsala 😉!

Our results are among Sweden's best according to official statistics. See Q-IVF (only in Swedish)! You can also read more under results. Anyone is welcome to visit us for an investigation into the cause of infertility or for treatment such as ovulation stimulation, insemination or IVF. Many people from Uppsala, Stockholm or beyond come to visit the Carl von Linné Clinic.

No referral is needed, just make an appointment with us.

You can find our telephone number and e-mail address here.

Have you already done an infertility investigation?

The Carl von Linné Clinic has helped and continues to help people from Stockholm and other places with treatment. After August, 2018, we no longer have a contract with the County Council (landstinget), which means we can no longer offer new patients publically financed IVF.

Have you already started publically financed IVF with us? Please call us to find out what rules are applicable for your situation.

If you have already done an infertility investigation, you can contact us directly. Generally, a visit can be booked within a short time and treatment planned directly without wasting time on a waiting list. A treatment can often be booked preliminarily over the telephone when you call. At the same time, we will book a visit with one of our physicians to go through your individual treatment plan and to discuss your chances of pregnancy and of getting a child.

Cost? See the price list.

Please read more about the IVF treatment here.  Treatments can also be planned through one of our affiliated gynecologists. Click here to see which gynecologists are affiliated with us.

Are you waiting for a visit to investigate the cause of your infertility?

Many couples from the vicinity of Stockholm or elsewhere in the country choose to do both their investigation and treatment at the Carl von Linné Clinic. No referral from another physician is needed, no matter where you live.  For patients qualifying for Swedish healthcare, the usual patient fee applies. Many times, an investigation is completed in one or two visits. A semen sample can be left shortly before or in connection with the visit. Semen samples are analyzed directly and answers can be given on the same day. Please read more under investigation.

An insemination or IVF treatment can often planned directly and started often within the following menstrual cycle.

IVF treatment for couples from outside of Sweden

The Carl von Linné Clinic is situated 30 minutes from Stockholm International Airport in Uppsala, a quaint university town. A link to tourist information about Uppsala can be found here. Two of our doctors working at the clinic, Dr Torbjörn Bergh and Dr Jan Holte initiated IVF at Uppsala University Hospital in 1987 and, in 1990, founded the Carl von Linné Clinic. All physicians are deeply involved in IVF research and all staff is fluent in English.

We can start treatment usually as early as possible after a first initial visit. IVF or other treatment can often be performed with the help of local doctors, so that only the last part of the treatment is localized at the clinic. Many patients find IVF treatment in Sweden affordable compared with treatment in their own country. A price list can be found here. Many local hotels offer discounts for our patients. Even if some hotels only have information is given in Swedish, all hotels have personnel fluent in English.

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