The Carl von Linné Clinic - a part of GeneraLife

Since autumn 2020, the Carl von Linné Clinic is part of GeneraLIfe ( – a European group of IVF clinics. GeneraLife consists of a network of currently 12 clinics in four countries (Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic and Sweden). These clinics work on an advanced medical level and share the same values: transparency, honesty and patient-centered focus throughout the treatment. GeneraLife has more than 350 employees and together we perform 15,000 treatments every year. We are happy and proud to be part of this network of qualified, scientifically oriented, evidence-based and innovative IVF clinics. Representatives of the group's clinics also regularly publish research in the most important scientific journals in the field of fertility.

The concern's goal is for each of their clinics to be able to offer the best treatment for each individual patient based on the latest and best available scientific evidence. Quality infertility treatment should also be easily accessible, no matter where you live.

We know that involuntary infertility is a difficult ordeal. GeneraLife does not create false expectations by promising more than is possible, but we use all available means to create the conditions needed to achieve your and our common goal: your child.

For more information about GeneraLife, please see the group’s webpage (